Hot Bagel

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Established in 1994. We serve old fashioned New York Water Bagels fresh each day.  

Our breads are made with the finest grains found anywhere.


Who we are.

Come join us for breakfast, dessert, or just a snack.  

Enjoy our fresh brewed coffee or cappuccinos as you enjoy the sweet smell of fresh baked goodness.

What we do.

We take pride in our products. We get up early to ensure we provide our customers with fresh baked bagels, breads, pastries and muffins each day.

Food is life. Life is food.

Hot Bagel Co

1155 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN   |   See Map


New Hours:  Thurs/Friday 6am - 7:30pm

                                  Saturday 7am - 1:30pm